a comedy documentary starring

Will Durst

Johnny Steele

Larry “Bubbles” Brown


Geoff Bolt
Michael Bossier
Dana Carvey
Debi Durst
Rebecca Erwin Spencer
Jon Fox
Arthur Gaus
Allison Hatcher
Marc Hershon

Mari Magaloni
James Mogavero
Steven Pearl
Mark Pitta
Paula Poundstone
Michael Pritchard
Rob Schneider
Bobby Slayton
Robin Williams

directed by

Robert Campos
Donna LoCicero

It’s 1980 in San Francisco. Comic geniuses Robin Williams and Dana Carvey spearhead a new era of stand-up comedy. Next in line for the “big time” are three talented comics: Will Durst, Larry “Bubbles” Brown and Johnny Steele. But then, the comedy “crash” hits. Now, like millions of other downsized Americans, they scramble to survive, while also staying funny, relevant, and true to the art form they love.